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The Origin of Buddhist Art in Siam
The land which situated the country of Siam has very long continued history of the sculpture making since the Bronze age, there are many Archaeological evidences that informed us about hi-technology of bronze-casting which developed in Southeast Asia, such as Kettle drum, bronze arm lace, bronze earring, etc., until the time of religion from outward, The Buddhism and Hinduism dispersed from India throughout mainland and Archipelago of Suvarnbhumi (Southeast Asia) about 3rd Century A.D From 7th century A.D especially in Thailand, its abundantly appeared the sculpture of deity and Buddha throughout the country, as well as Dvaravati style, Srivijaya style, Lanna style, Uthong style, Sukhothai style, Ayutthaya style and Rattanakosin style, thus, the metal casting in Siam is the uninterrupted technique throughout the age for many thousands years. Bangkok sculpture center has collected and exhibited Buddhist sculptures since the Dvaravati style (circa. 11th-12th Century A.D) to Rattanakosin style (circa.18th-19th Century A.D), there are 9 image entirely, following are detail of the collection.

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