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The Rise of Modern Art in Thailand
From realistic work in 1901, seeing from monuments molded by Silpa Bhirasri and his pupils, direction of Thai sculpture began to show qualifications of being modern art which rhymes with modernity of Thailand and western countries. In 1947 (B.E.2490), although the works were prominent in its realistic-ness, they had new pretexts such as the demonstration of ordinary, mediocre people like musicians, dancers, children, and animals. The intertwining of both new and old by integrating graceful character (idealistic from of Buddha image) with peasantís molded figure of offering doll to create specific form. Sculptors distinctive in such a form include Khien Yimsiri Chit Rienpracha, and Sompot Upa-in B.E. 2490 is thus accountable for the first decade of modern Thai Sculpture.

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