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is the long journey of Thai sculpture from era to era, from generation to generation since the Buddhist art period dated from Buddhist Era in 13th century (Chiang San). Thai art began to develop their uniqueness from Sukhothai period to the Golden Era of Ayutthaya. With relationship between civilized nations, Thai art slowly stepped into Rattanakosin Era through colonization. The arrival of Italian sculptor, whose name was changed to Silpa Bhirasri became the major influence of the rise of modern art era in Thailand. Unit today, Thai Sculpture has developed its unique identity with world-class standard. Thai Sculptures truly reveal the uniqueness and spirit of the east.

The art pieces which displayed in the exhibition. The History of Thai Sculpture: from Silpa Bhirasri to Contemporary Thai Sculptors is the collection which gathers art pieces from the ancient Buddhist art era to the present time altogether 200 pieces. It is our attempt to select the important pieces which have influence in history of Thai art, some influence toward social issues, younger generation artists or manifest the transitions of different art periods as well as the ones at world-class recognition. These factors finally lead to the major path of Thai Sculptures.
I would like express my gratitude to all of the artists who produce the excellent art pieces to the world
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